JMI Amplification announces the release of two new amplifiers

JMI 30/2

The new JMI 30-2 is a development of the 30-6 model, which fills the needs of players who do not require the 30-6’s Vib-Trem facility. In addition, there are a few added features not found on the 30-6, namely, a three-position tone switch (labelled ‘Brilliant), and a post-PI master volume. There is also a little more gain available.

Pre-Amp Controls

1.   Inputs – 2, (High and Low)
2.   Volume.
3.   ‘Brilliance’ switch. Three positions*
  *Position 1- Similar tone to the 30-6 ‘Normal’ channel.
    Position 2- Similar tone a vintage JMI ‘Brilliant’ channel (bass version)
    Position 3- Similar tone a vintage JMI ‘Brilliant’ channel (normal version)

4.   Tone control – Identical to the tone control of the 30-6 model (and vintage JMI’s)

Price: £1799

JMI 50 Head

Due to increased demand from many players we have launched the JMI 50 watt amplifier that was originally used /favoured by artists such as the Rolling stones, The Kinks and the Beatles.

Based on an original small box AC50. GZ34 valve rectifier, 2x EL34 output valves, Class A/B, 1x ECC82 on the input and 2 x ECC83 (one is the top boost circuit), volume treble and bass controls, hi and lo inputs, standby switch. Voltage selector – 240, 230, 115, 100V.  8 or 16 ohm speaker impedance. set internally.  

Available NOW!

Price: £1059


Reduce the volume of your JMI without sacrificing tone!



JMI are now able to offer the NEW JMI power attenuator as an addition option to any JMI amplifier. The unit sits in the rear of the amplifier just like the original top boost and enables the user to take the amplifier volume down to half a watt withougt sacrificing any tone!

This new addition will enable JMI users to get the best out of their amplifiers both on stage as well as in the home.

Availability: Available on any NEW JMI combo

Price: £180


For more details please contact JMI Amplification on ++ 44 (0) 1302 330429

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