Rickenbacker® Model 360/12CW Carl Wilson Limited Edition

Similar to the model type 360 as produced in 1965. Offered both in six and twelve string versions, as Model 360CW and 360/12CW. Carl Wilson's signature reproduced on the upper pickguard.Checked body binding. Offered in Fireglo and Jetglo colors. Wood is specially charactered maple body with Rosewood fret board. Special thin top for increased acoustic performance Twenty-one fret neck with vintage inlays. Vintage style square heel. Two scatter wound vintage-style pickups with 7.4K ohm coils. Vintage reissue silver Tolex guitar case.

Rickenbacker 360/12CW

Model 360/12CW  (introduced on Feb 3, 2000)

The Rickenbacker company is authorized to manufacture 500 of these classic instruments. Each guitar will be supplied with individually numbered certificates of authenticity.

Rickenbacker 360/12CW Rickenbacker 360/12CW

Model 360/12CW

Rickenbacker 360/12CW Rickenbacker 360/12CW

Courtesy of Stan Werbin at Elderly Instruments

Joe Walsh's 360/12CW

Joe Walsh's 360/12CW Joe Walsh's 360/12CW

Joe Walsh's 360/12CW

Certificate  # 409
Personally delivered to Joe by Billy Hinsche on Saturday, Aug. 12, 2000
Photo: (c) Billy Hinsche

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