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There are many great guitarists in the world. One of my personal favourites is Steve Howe, the legendary YES guitarist, mostly seen with his Gibson ES-175. Steve has a huge collection of instruments and many of these guitars can be seen in the book "The Steve Howe Guitar Collection" by Steve Howe & Tony Bacon.

I have my own copy of this book (mine is from 1994, first British Edition) and Steve has given me his permission to use the pictures and info on page 84/85 for use on my page. The photos are very large and detailed and it is difficult to scan them as they are covering two pages. I have managed to "extract" a few photos, shown below.

One of the articles on my site, Octopus and the Rickenbacker 1993, had some missleading information saying that Steve used a 12-string Rickenbacker on the track "Starship Trooper". This is wrong and the text has been corrected. This is what Steve say about the 12-strings he used on the early YES recordings:

"- On Close To The Edge, And you and I, I played Chris's Guild 12 string acoustic. Awaken was the first Rick' 12 string part. The Yes Album only has acoustic 12 string, in the Portuguese 12 string wrongly called a vahalia at the time."

Steve Howe with his 12-string 360. © Used by permission of Steve Howe
Steve: "- My wonderful blonde 12 string was stolen and may be in France or Japan, hidden in some collection"


Model 1993 from '64  © Used by permission of Steve Howe                 Model 360 © Used by permission of Steve Howe                                                

Model 1993 headstock  (enlarged detail)
© Used by permission of Steve Howe

Model 1993 pickups (enlarged detail)
© Used by permission of Steve Howe

Model 4001 headstock with an added string guide
© Used by permission of Steve Howe





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