Author Topic: HIWATT - another historic amp from Britain  (Read 5198 times)

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HIWATT - another historic amp from Britain
« on: October 04, 2007, 07:28:40 PM »

This combo amp seems to be a good choice for various venues and situations.
Using a specially wound output transformer, the Studio/Stage Combo can switch from 20 watts to 40 watts of power, while retaining its Class A pure tone.

Features include High and Low sensitivity inputs, Gain with switchable boost, Bass, mid, Treble, full size accutronic spring reverb and master volume control. Equipped with 2 Fane 12" speakers all assembled in an 18 marine ply cabinet.

Famous artists have used Hiwatt amps since the 60's!
I think I know WHO has been here..... ;D

More interesting reading can be found here:

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