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Title: Stage setup
Post by: Björn Eriksson (admin) on June 18, 2008, 08:47:22 PM
Here is a picture of how my stage setup looks at right now. The amplifier isn't the best but the other parts are great.
The drawing is showing my 4 cable method setup. The benefits are that you can use a the preamp of the Peavey (read Vox AC30CC2X ;)) and then route the signal to my Tonelab LE for the reverb, modulation and delay effects before the signal hits the power amp (on the guitar amp).
This loop makes it possible to use the amp characteristics but still be able to use the multple effects in the Tonelab LE in the best position, between pre and power amp. I usually disengage the amp/cab modelling on the Tonelab LE when running this setup. But sometimes it can be handy to only use the full sound of the Tonelab LE without the loop function and send it right into the amp (sounds good, too). As I said, this setup would really be better with a better amp.

Title: Re: Stage setup
Post by: sloopdawg on July 29, 2008, 12:14:40 AM
How do you like the Tonelab?
Don't know if you have seen this or not but maybe there is something here you can use. (
Title: Re: Stage setup
Post by: Björn Eriksson (admin) on July 30, 2008, 12:58:38 PM
Yes, I've seen this. It is very thrilling to build patches. I have a few very basic ones that I use myself.
I have made a different setup now than the one i have on display above and I've rebuilt my pedal board.

I did have some problems with the double muff pedal. It is very noisy together with other pedals. It works best alone. Now I don't use the 4 cable method but I still have an FX loop.
My setup is like this and it works brilliant, a Double Muff i the right environment is very useful. I'll post some samples when I get home (I'm on a vacation right now).

My setup is:

Guitar - Double Muff - Tonelab Input - FX loop Send - Wah-Wah - Tuner - FX loop Return - Output.
The Double Muff has a true bypass and the other pedals too. You can also bypass the FX loop and go straight to the output. This setup is very good and it allows you to play with a wide range of sound colors.

I'll write more later...

Title: Re: Stage setup
Post by: sloopdawg on July 31, 2008, 03:16:09 AM
thanks for the reply, I use the GT8 right now and like it very much but I'm kinda bored with it (had it for awhile) and have been looking for something different. I'm really not too enthused with the GT10, the ToneLab looks good, would like to hear some clips/samples, as/if you get time. Hope your having fun on your vacation, its nice to get away from the day to day reality sometimes.