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Rickenbacker Guitar Models / Can anyone identify which model I had?
« on: January 15, 2010, 11:36:50 AM »
I'm new here  and wondered if any of you could help with some information.
Back in the sixties this was me playing my Rick short scale jazz (that was its official label when I purchased it new from Minns Music Southampton for 100 guineas) and it had three pickups plus the tremolo. I'm fairly certain it didn't have an f-hole but the triangular dash shaped one - you can just make this out but my arm's in the way. This and the bodywork were framed with a white border.
I sold it on to a band member (with its Rick hardcase) when I moved to keyboards but would love to buy it or another just like it for the nostalgia value. However I imagine they don't crop up too often and would probably be silly money nowadays. It had that wonderful jangly sound that was popular back then (The Byrds come to  mind) but if I recall it wasn't particularly good for lead work - rather lacking in sustain. I'd part exchanged a 1963 strat for it (£65, which is what I'd paid for it - hate to think what that would be worth now). I did enjoy its shorter neck as I had quite small fingers and chords were simplicity itself. Others who tried it but had larger hands and fingers really struggled to pick out a tune without getting tangled in the strings.

Any information would be most welcome.


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