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Rickenbacker Bass Models / 4003 JetGlow/Blueburst
« on: November 17, 2009, 08:00:13 PM »
Ok I came to this forum because it is not assocated with Ricenbacker International, they disabled my account because they did't like what I had to say & that's too bad they are so pissy & secretive about thier products. Now I have to start over. So..I always wanted a 4003 bass even though I am a guitar player so I decided to but one in May 2005 as I play one when recording & on other occasions. I oerdered the JetGlow because that was all that was avaiable in stock then & I thought the color was cool. So after I received it Ric came out with the "2005 color of the year" (Blueburst) What a joke! I REALLY wanted this color cus I love to see wood grain & I like the trans blue. So I tried to order one & every online music outlet in the country kept moving the ship date back. First it was June 2005, then July 2005, then Sept. 2005, then Oct. 2005, then Dec. 2005, then Feb. 2006 & then I said piss on it & called Rickenbacker to find out the story & I was told they did not know when one would be available. Come on! You offer it as 2005 color of the year & ten make it impossible to get one? That is just piss poor business, Two years to build a bass?? There are plenty of complaints about 2 or 3 year waits (that's unacceptable) & so I just kept my Jetglow until Nov. 2009 when I decided to refinish the top & the headstock face the way I wanted it, having plenty of experience refinishing guitars ove the years & learning a lot. Go ahead & give me flak about modifiying this, I bought it & I can do what I want with it, it is NOT a mortal sin to cusomize a musical instrument! As soon as posted a link to the photos on (search: Ric4003, there are 8 photos) Ric disabled my forum account, gee I wonder why? Giving people ideas? Now you couldn't pry this bass from my cold dead fingers, it is a treasure. Custom 5 layer pickguard & reverse painted truss rod cover (which Ric makes but wont sell you or even tell you why) See for yourself.

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