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Rickenbacker Bass Models / Hipshot bridge
« on: May 18, 2007, 08:28:09 AM »
Hello all. Just wanted to share with you my 4001C64 with the new Hipshot bridge. It's awesome! Solid aluminum cast, clear and sharp highs and mids (along with its usual lows), the greatest tone, sustain that lasts forever, retains the Ric's fantastic look, and absolutely no tailpiece lift!!! (if there is, it's the wood)  ::)

I know there are purists out there who wouldn't want to alter their basses, but I'm not a collector, I'm a player, and this Hipshot delivers far more than it has been touted for. It is a far superior bridge than the Ric tailpiece ever will be. If the new tailpiece design matches up to this, well, I don't know if it could, or when it's coming out...  ;D


No Tailpiece Lift!

Awesome Look!

And an After and Before comparison shot:

Thanks to Dane Wilder, Jaymi Millard, Alan Zeleznikar, Mark Arnquist, and other Ric lovers for helping me out... hope you enjoy the pics. My 4001C64 used to be the best bass guitar in the world, now it's STILL the best bass guitar in the world!  ;D

Oh, BTW, the aluminum Hipshot is lighter than the old tailpiece, so with that, I can bring back my horseshoes. Yippee!!!

The Bridges After 5 is Vancouver's Premier Retro Band!

Books / Which Beatle Books Do You Have?
« on: April 18, 2007, 07:55:29 PM »
So many came out and are still constantly flooding the market, so we would like to know which books you have, especially the real, factual and authoritative ones.

I've had a lot over the years that I eventually discarded after finding out that they were written without permission or are not based on actual dialogues with the Beatles or their immediate circle.

The more trustworthy ones are: The Beatles Anthology, Cynthia's A Twist of Lennon, Hunter Davies' biography book, Mark Lewisohn's The Complete Beatles Chronicles and Abbey Road Recordings, Dezo Hoffman's picture book, Robert Freeman's picture book, Richard Dillelo's The Longest Cocktail Party, Andy Babiuk's The Beatles' Gear, and others, plus the newer recording studio ones that recently came out.

I wouldn't trust Bob Spitz' book Philip Norman's Shout or any of the pocket-sized books that came out after John was shot.

One more very trustworthy book is Ringo's collection of postcards...

So what do you guys have? And any comments on those?

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