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Rickenbacker Guitar Models / Re: Can anyone identify which model I had?
« on: January 17, 2010, 12:54:31 AM »
You are right, I never checked properly, missed the bindings. That's the first mistake. I also was assuming it had an F-soundhole, didn't read your posting as good as I should. Sorry. This makes it a little more difficult. However, the body now with the bindings and crescent soundhole together with vibrato tailpiece and three pickups would make it a Model 375. A 375 with dots on the fretboard would make it a 375S (special). If we had the serial number it would be possible to find the invoice for this guitar to see what it was called. Maybe you have more pictures? If you find any please post them here.

Body bindings and dot fretboard are used on the Rose Morris Export 1993 so the concept isn't that rare but your guitar is absolutely the first I've seen with the specs you mention.

The detective work continues...

Hi Böjrn,
Sadly I only have one other photo of the group playing at that period and in my case the cutoff point is just above the crescent soundhole so there's even less visual information than already posted here.
Please bear in mind my recollections regarding the serial number may be totally incorrect so don't rely on that as gospel. The more I think about it, I do remember a vague reference to it either being made in the USA or not made there, whichever it was, this was what made it different and rare, but again that could be total nonsense if they were all made in America.
Whatever the case, something's niggling at my brain about it being unusual - maybe the last of a batch made somewhere that later models weren't?  I wish I could be more specific but it's just a hazy memory from so many years ago.
Given it was labelled as 'short scale jazz' - would that have any significance or were there several such guitars made back then (or still made)?

I confess to knowing little about Ricks having always been a Fender strat fan - the Shadows had a lot to answer for and I still love playing their material, currently owning a Mex 2007 model plus a Marvin Burns. But that Rick of mine was always my favourite purchase - it was for me a sheer pleasurable experience to play and although never really seen by many as one of the classics back then, despite the popularity of The Who and John Lennon, I personally felt they were superbly crafted, loved the feel and simple, easy playability of that glorious neck and the sound was quite unique. I seem to recall it was also much lighter than my old strat.

I've modified my current strat so I can combine bridge and neck pickups just trying to simulate that special Rick sound. It's not the same but it gets close at times - a bit like a cross between a Rick and a Gretsch.

Sorry to witter on a bit and I hope you can discover more about it if you have the time.


Rickenbacker Guitar Models / Re: Can anyone identify which model I had?
« on: January 16, 2010, 05:40:04 PM »
The Model is a Rose, Morris Export 1998. More info below,

Hi Bjorn,
Thanks for the reply. A couple of questions: as mine didn't have the clef hole but the wedge shaped one and it had the white bordering, was that just an optional variation on the 1998?
I also seem to vaguely remember one of the reasons mine was considered unusual at the time was that it carried a US serial number.  It was a very long time ago so I have no concrete proof now if that was true and I certainly never made a note of the number at the time, but could that have been possible or is my memory just mis-remembering things?
Thanks again for your help on this.


Rickenbacker Guitar Models / Can anyone identify which model I had?
« on: January 15, 2010, 11:36:50 AM »
I'm new here  and wondered if any of you could help with some information.
Back in the sixties this was me playing my Rick short scale jazz (that was its official label when I purchased it new from Minns Music Southampton for 100 guineas) and it had three pickups plus the tremolo. I'm fairly certain it didn't have an f-hole but the triangular dash shaped one - you can just make this out but my arm's in the way. This and the bodywork were framed with a white border.
I sold it on to a band member (with its Rick hardcase) when I moved to keyboards but would love to buy it or another just like it for the nostalgia value. However I imagine they don't crop up too often and would probably be silly money nowadays. It had that wonderful jangly sound that was popular back then (The Byrds come to  mind) but if I recall it wasn't particularly good for lead work - rather lacking in sustain. I'd part exchanged a 1963 strat for it (£65, which is what I'd paid for it - hate to think what that would be worth now). I did enjoy its shorter neck as I had quite small fingers and chords were simplicity itself. Others who tried it but had larger hands and fingers really struggled to pick out a tune without getting tangled in the strings.

Any information would be most welcome.


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