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XITS (exits) amplifiers
« on: February 05, 2009, 04:12:09 PM »

Exits, or XITS as the case may be, are in the simplest of terms the acting out of ones feelings instead of putting them into words.  This is what XITS is all about.  Engaging the musician with their instrument and connecting the mind body and soul like never before.  The design is straightforward and honest.  The roadblocks that minimize ones expressive nature have been removed.  Its now time to discover your true creative potential with the electric guitar. 

XITS is the entry point of a great adventure.  One that I hope brings much discovery and joy!  XITS Tube Amplifiers faithfully pay respect to the history of the great tone generators of the past while looking boldly forward.  They are familiar yet new.  Modern and beautiful.  Highly responsive and soulful. In a word, XITS is like nothing else.  I hope you enjoy the adventure!


"I’m convinced that Koski’s meticulous attention to both visual and sonic detail puts this amp in a class all by itself. As a total package—a seamless convergence of technical innovation, craftsmanship, and artistic temperament—this amp is just astonishing."
Chris Burgess - Premier Guitar, October 2008