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« on: January 31, 2010, 05:42:19 AM »
Hi everyone! My first post here, though I have pored over the pictures for years now! Maybe I should give a little background - I have loved Rickenbacker basses since going to high school in Japan (albeit an international school). Some of my favorite music - Rush, Deep Purple, Yes, Motörhead - was saturated with Ric bass, but I was never able to get one of my own until much later - 2002 to be exact, 14 years after moving back to the USA.

Since then, I have acquired 5 Rickenbackers, one of which I sold quickly (a heavily modified 4000), another potentially being sold soon ('82 4008). But there is one that I would like to talk about here:

I bought it from someone on the RickResource Forum - he in turn bought it from Japan. I heard from someone else that they once saw a special feature in a Japanese bass magazine about a special run of Rickenbackers for the Japanese market, and this sounded like a good lead, but unfortunately I was never able to get a copy of the magazine - the crazy thing is, I was living there again at the time and bought that magazine a lot! But I must not have bought that issue.

So I was very excited to be told that there was a mention of it on Björn Eriksson's Rickenbacker Page!!! On the model list, there are the 4003VPCBFG & 4003VPCBJG - here's the text:

"These models were presented on the Yokohama Music Fair October 2003.  Limited quantity of 24 basses of each. This will be a collector's favorite, together with the other Models introduced at the same time, Model 360/12V66, Model 370/12V67 and the two Models above (FireGlo and JetGlo). Also present on this Music fair was the Model 4003BTJG." (emphasis mine)

This was so exciting - was this my bass??? Well, he has a listing for the 4003BTJG too, and it basically looks like the same model! This bass has some interesting features - not only was black trim discontinued by this point in the US, but it has a 7-screw tailpiece and the truss rod cover has silver lettering like a 4004. Love the black neck position high-gain too.

Sorry to go on and on about this, I'm just glad to finally have some confirmation of the provenance of this bass. It sounds and plays great! I wonder if it was a limited quantity too...
1976 4001 Autumnglo, 1982 4008 Fireglo, 1993 4003S/8 BTJG, 2004 4003 BTJG