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Re: Nick Thiel
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Nick was one of many folks I met and befriended at the DCM weekend,but I guess I'm lucky that didn't make me a mark.My heartfelt sympathy and support goes to everyone who has been cheated, and moreso to DCM friends caught in the snare.

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Re: Nick Thiel
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I am very relieved that all the scams and criminal behaviour from NT is brought out in the open. It was one of my friends, great guy, who brought my attention to the circumstances surrounding NT.

The book "The Beatles Equipment" looked like it was already printed so I added some links to it. If the book was genuine it would have been a great source and interesting reading. Luckily I only displayed the ads for a very short time. When I started to realize that here was something very strange going on I removed the ads immediately.

I tried to get a statement from NT about when, and if at all, the book would be printed. He said it would be printed soon, but the research I made myself didn't match the words told by NT.

I feel so sorry for both Graham and Alisha and everyone else who have lost a large amount of cash in this scam. I hope they will get their money back. >:(
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