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Ben Beames

Ben Beames

TurnTurn Turn  Video (.rm)

Eight Miles High  Audio (.wav)

Ron Hodgson

Ron Hodgson

Mr Tambourine Man  Video (.mpg)

Mr Tambourine Man  Audio (.wav) (full version)

Mr Tambourine Man  Audio (.wav)

 Roger McGuinn

Roger McGuinn

Mr Tambourine Man  Audio (.wav)

Turn, Turn, Turn  Audio (.wav)

My Back Pages  Audio (.wav)

Eight Miles High  Audio (wav)

The Bells Of Rhymney  Audio (.wav)

So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star  Audio (.wav)

I´ll Feel A Whole Lot Better  Audio (.wav)

Björn Eriksson

Björn Eriksson

A Life On My Own  Audio (.mp3)

Destiny  Audio (.mp3)

Introducing my 4001.....  Audio (.mp3)

Wonderful Tonight 1995  Audio (.mp3)

Limited Edition Pickguards

Photo Feature

The Signature Pickguards

Roger Reini

Roger Reini

I´ll Feel A Whole Lot Better  Audio (.mp3)

Mark Matthies

Mark Matthies

Mark´s band  Audio (.mp3)


Joe Baldassarre

Dr Joseph Baldassarre

Listen to Dr Joe playing Jeff's Boogie  (Audio (mp3)

Dr Joe playing a  solo. "Our Love Is A Light" (outtake)  (Audio (mp3)

Special Photo Feature

Part 1      Part 2    The Final Photo


Rickenbacker Art

Rickenbacker Art Photos

Special Photo Feature

Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack

You say you want a revolution.... Peter goes wild, playing the blues on his 450/12.

Audio (.mp3)  Click here!

Kenneth A. La Barre

Kenneth A La Barre

Parade Live  Video (.rm) 

Dave Wiggins with his 380L "Laguna" PZ

Dave Wiggins

380L Laguna PZ   Audio (.mp3)


Special Photo Feature

The 1993 reissues....

Mark Vaquer

Special Photo Feature

The 'Lennon' modifications

Kenny Howes

The Mystery Unfinished Rickenbacker 360F 

Special feature!

Octopus and the Rickenbacker 1993

A story about a Model 1993. Where is it now?

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